Sunday, January 24, 2010

Too Pretty to Eat

Here is the cake that will never be eaten...not really because we can't bear to cut it, but because we fear for our future if we do. You see...just a few short hours after Hannah finished icing and assembling this cake, she came down with a nasty stomach bug. We might have thought it was just something she ate, except Patrick came down with it too; all just a few days after Alyssa was down with it.

Victoria's birthday present was tickets to see the ballet, Cinderella in Atlanta. So, in keeping with that theme, Hannah designed this cake:

She put in so much time and effort, I can't bear to throw it away; but neither can anyone bear to eat it.


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  2. Love it, Natalie! And hope everyone is feeling better.

  3. Just beautiful, Natalie! And well done, Hannah! And Happy birthday, Victoria!

  4. Oh no! I hope you are all well by now...It is a lovely cake indeed! Way to go Hannah :)