Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finals are DONE and Alyssa's Home!

Okay, well she never really left home, but there were times that we saw so little of her that she might as well have been gone, especially the weeks she stayed with Lauren while her parents were out of town.  Now, since she's not preoccupied with her studies, it seems like she's come home for summer break.  She's free to sit around talking to me and indulging an occasional craving for Starbucks.   I so love having her around the house more.  Never fear, she'll keep herself busy.  She's volunteering at Carenet two mornings a week, in addition to working at Lai Lais.   Even so, her "no school stress", relaxed personality is shining through.
So nice having someone to run errands for me AND to treat us to half-price Frappachinos.  
Don't you wish you had an errand girl like I do?