Thursday, November 12, 2009

Let's Play Jeopardy

Alex, I’ll take NYC numbers for 100

The answer is: Three

How many college friends met together to reconnect; OR how many seconds did it take to feel like we’d never been apart OR how many times did Natalie buy hot, melt in your mouth coconut, almonds, peanuts and cashews from the Nuts for Nuts vendors on the street? Seriously, it’s a good thing I don’t live near those vendors…they could be addicting.

Alex, I’ll take NYC numbers for 200

The answer is: One

How many times did Laura and Natalie wander aimlessly trying to figure out where they needed to go next. Yes, after leaving the Empire State Building, we circled the entire block once before realizing where we needed to go to catch the subway to Uptown. We were quite pleased with ourselves that we navigated the city by ourselves so well.

NYC Numbers for 300

The answer is: 3000

Approx- imately how many calories were in the cheese cake and frozen hot chocolate Laura and Natalie sampled at Serendipity 3? For a fleeting moment, we considered a third dessert when we heard a waiter tell a neighboring table that the peanut butter frozen hot chocolate is like drinking Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Yummmm……

Alex, I’ll take NYC Numbers for 400

The Answer is: 12 Million

How many 19th and 20th Century paintings did we look at in the MET? Okay, maybe that’s an exag- geration, but it was a lot; or how many people were AT the MET while we were there? I hate crowds, so it was sensory overload in each and every way possible.

NYC Numbers for 500, Alex

The Answer is: 12 or more

How many Broadway shows would Natalie see if she had the time and money to see them? Alas…I settled for one, South Pacific. We fell in love with Paulo Szot's (Emile de Becque) voice. Oh my…hearing him sing Some Enchanted Evening is enough to make any young woman fall in love with him.

I can now say I’ve seen Times Square, Central Park, the Empire State Building, and Ground Zero. I’ve shopped on Canal Street (no, I don’t want a Gucci, Coach OR Chanel bag), bought $5 pashminas and walked more in one weekend that I ever imagined. I’m hoping this is the first of many reunions with dear friends. Angelique and Laura, my life is richer when you are a part of it.