Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quarterly Progress Report

Last week I was thinking about my goals/resolutions that I had set at the beginning of the year. I was lamenting how badly I'm failing at keeping up this blog and thought I might need to revisit that post to even remember what the other goals were. I'm not in horrible shape, but I probably need to redouble my efforts with the couple of them.

Goal #1 is to learn to use my phone. I'm making progress, but thinking it's a losing battle. I'm the only one in the house who doesn't use an Apple product for music and podcasts so it's just a bother to remember how to convert the files to the mp3 format - consequently I never get around to it. I also don't have a case to hold the phone when I walk and run, so it's just not all I need it to be.

Goal #2 is to learn to use my flip. I'm on my way with this one, and as evidence I have this to offer from the horse show yesterday.

Not only do I know how to load video, Hannah figured out how to make a movie with clips from different recordings and how to add music. I'm well on my way with #2.

Goal #3 is planning menus. Can I just plead the 5th on this one? "Nough said.

Goal #4 is to blog more. This is a work in progress and so far I'm not making much headway. I do have nearly three-fourths of the year left, so there's still hope.

Goal #5 is related to Christmas and therefore not applicable. I can still make good on that one.

In addition to those five, I do have a sixth one I'm working on, but it's not ready for a public unveiling. It's one of those resolutions that I'm tempted to make every year, but know I never follow though and have just about given up completely. So, maybe I'll be able to report success in an area that has been a major source of guilt for quite some time. Maybe...

So, how 'bout you? Are you making headway with any of your resolutions?


  1. So how are these things going? I need to make some goals....

  2. Not much progress since this post...though my secret #6 (that you know about, don't you?) is going better than I ever expected.