Saturday, May 18, 2013

Recital 2013

 After much anxiety and prayer, Victoria took a leap and switched dance studios for this year.  After 10 years at the old studio, I suspect great courage was required to start classes with new girls and new teachers.

The primary enticement to make the change was the new ballet teacher, Val Salnikov, a professional dancer from Russia.  What a treat to have such a seasoned classical ballet instructor!  June 10-14 will be a real test for Victoria's ballet passion - A Russian Ballet Summer - a ballet camp with Russian instructors.  My toes hurt just thinking of dancing that much.

Hamming it up for the camera

Warming up for rehearsal

Do ballerinas get pep talks?
 While you may not be all that impressed with the action photography; in my defense, I was simultaneously taking pictures and videoing with the ipad. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

Missing Captions

Victoria is considering entering a few photos in the Georgia 4-H Photo Contest.  The first picture of Hannah and Grace can be entered in the in "Focus on 4-H" category since it's of a 4-Her working on her state project.  However...we need a caption and we're at a loss.  Suggestions?

Which bottle brush photo do you prefer?  I won't bias you by telling you my favorite.  This would be entered in the general division and I was considering a caption like "Like a 4-Her: Bursting with Potential"  but that seems a little cheesy.  Any better suggestions?

Two photos can be entered in each division and she just plain likes the rose photo.  While not horribly original, the color is fabulous for being unedited.

How 'bout a contest?  If we select your caption, I'll send you a print of the picture. that's not that much of a prize, but it seems fitting.