Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Amazing Life and Kids

For those of you who may not be friends with Kevin on facebook and haven't heard his announcement: He and his friend, Sam Brooks, are planning a two month trip to Europe in the fall.  I'm counting on a couple of dear friends in London and Berlin to hug their necks for me and make sure they have a decent shower and a proper meal once or twice while they are trekking their way around the continent.  
Here's a peek into why I absolutely LOVE having teenagers and young adult children.  Samantha is one of Alyssa's best friends and one of my absolute favorite young adults in the whole world.  Enjoy the following facebook dialogue and see why I think my kids and their friends are some of most amazing young people EVER (and I want to preserve and savor this moment).  We moms can feel invisible much of the time, so we must treasure times such as these.
Better be savin money man. Our next purchase needs to be a Eurorail pass. Looking like it'll be $550-$700. :/

    • Samantha Walton God created nitrogen. He can provide 700$ plus some
      8 hours ago · · 4 peopleLoading...

    • Ashley Liggett You can earn 500 a month if your working part time.
      7 hours ago ·

    • David Alejandro Estrada What are you doing in Europe?
      6 hours ago ·

    • Natalie Rath Eades David, wandering around Europe for 2 months. They are still in the planning stages, but have purchased plane tix to and from London.
      5 hours ago · 

    • Samantha Walton Mrs Natalie, how do you feel about your boy 'wandering around Europe?'
      5 hours ago · 

    • Natalie Rath Eades Okay...they'll be fine. Both very smart travelers. I'm just jealous I can't go with them. :-) Plus, I know a family in London who will let them couch surf when they are in England and Daniel and Heather Williams are in Berlin. They'll eat well and have a decent bed for at least a few nights. :-)

    • Samantha Walton Man, your faith in God is encouraging :) I'd be lying if i said i wasn't jealous. They'll never forget it for sure.
      5 hours ago ·

    • Samuel Brooks Natalie Rath Eades LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE!!
      5 hours ago ·

    • Natalie Rath Eades Samantha...should this REALLY require that much faith in God? Do you know something about these boys that I don't?
      5 hours ago ·

    • Samantha Walton Hahaha NO! I just know my mother. and the response iiii would get if i told her i was going to Europe for 2 months.
      5 hours ago ·

    • Natalie Rath Eades Boys...very different from girls. Not sure why, but it is. I'm not sure I would go for you and Alyssa doing the same trip. Sorry.
      5 hours ago ·

    • Samantha Walton I'm not sure I would go for me and Alyssa doing the same trip either haha
      5 hours ago · · 1 personYou like this.

    • Kevin Eades Samantha, what can Sam and I say?? Kathy Brooks and Natalie Rath Eades are the most amazing moms in the world. And to be honest I wish they were going with us!
      15 minutes ago ·  · 1 personYou like this.

    • Samantha Walton That they are. You're pretty awesome yourself Kev. You too Sam! Sam, promise me you'll bring my little brother back safe and sound :)
      12 minutes ago ·

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