Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just Wonderin'

I'm thinking there must have been something in the air tonight that zapped all logic from the brain of most every store clerk I encountered. At Chick-fil-a I must have picked the line with the new cashier. When I ordered my Southwest Salad, he had to ask the manager if the button that said "SW SALAD" was the correct one to push. Seeing that Chick-fil-a only has about 3 salads to pick from, I would have thought he could have gone out on a limb and skipped tracking down the manager on that one.

I am really getting into these reusable shopping bags that all the stores are selling; not because I'm all that environmentally friendly, but because groceries and such are soooo much easier to carry in them. Really, they don't cut the circulation to your fingers off when you carry the gallon of milk in them. However, I just hate walking around with an advertisement on my hip, so I decided to buy a more generic and cool looking one at Pier One (then I can stash the grocery store bags inside of that one until they are needed). After plunking my three dollars onto the counter, the sales lady asked if I wanted the purchase (my reusable shopping bag) in a plastic bag. Hmmmm...I'm thinking it doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess the answer I gave.

Armed with my new, hip bag, Hannah, Victoria and I headed next door to purchase some ink cartridges at Staples (and kudos to that clerk...the only one with a brain firing on all cylinders tonight and who actually dropped my purchase into the bag I was holding open). Next, we walked to the pet store a few doors down. Hannah selected a few things she needed for the dog and we made for the checkout stand. I plopped my handy dandy bag onto the counter for Mr. Pet Store to drop my items into. Of course, the collar/harness didn't have a bar code to scan, so Hannah picked up another one. Same problem. While she was getting a third one, bright Mr. Pet Store laid the two other harnesses on the counter behind him. Finally we hit pay dirt and the third harness scanned. Our cashier friend promptly put the third harness behind him with the other two. I informed him that, since I was paying for a harness, I was planning to take one of them home with me, and could he please put one of those three into my open bag? He finally finished ringing up the rest of our items, which he promptly put into a plastic store bag that was almost directly underneath my open reusable bag. Wow...I guess it's going to take a while for folks to get accustomed to using those things.


  1. The Chick-fil-a scenario is situational comedy at its best! I would have lost it!lol
    I'm glad to hear you're using reusable bags...I'm not an environmental freak, but when I see the mountain of plastic bags stuffed to overflowing in my cabinet, I can't imagine how many we're stuffing into our Earth! Yikes!....I love my reusable bags!

  2. Yes, it's going to be difficult. I have to remember to take them to the car with me; take them into the store; and then get the clerk to use it. Yikes!

  3. I love my reusable bags! But I HATE that they have store names on them ... oddly, I feel awkward carrying a Publix bag into Target or a Winn Dixie bag into Harvey's. I know that is a very strange issue to have ... but I have medication for most of my issues so I'm just gonna save my sweet doctor the time and assume that one of my other "Coping Skill Deficiency" medications will cover that anxiety as well. Anyway, back to my point (which surprisingly I do still remember!), I asked my sister-in-law Beth, who is an amazingly creative seamstress, to make me some bags of oilcloth to carry. That way, they are waterproof and cute - and don't advertise. Now ... why was I telling you that? Oh well...

  4. Just be glad your husband doesn't do what my husband does for a living. Since I am penny pinching at it's finest these days, one of my reusable bags is from a 3 gun match shoot he was at a few weeks ago sponsored by La Rue Tactical. The tag line
    "God Bless Our Troops. Especially our snipers."
    I CRAM it into the one Publix bag I bought (for .99 with the purchase of 2 boxes of cereal on a buy 1 get 1 free deal I might add!) until the very last minute!