Friday, April 15, 2011

Advise from the Trenches

After a very late night chat with #1 son a few nights ago and a bit of a follow up dialogue this afternoon, I've been thinking about parenting (and how little I actually know). Somehow I thought when my kids passed some magical age (which has yet to be determined...but apparently it's not a number in the teens), I somehow would have accumulated so much wisdom I would have at least some confidence to be that Titus 2 woman I always imagined ladies should be my the time they reach "my age".

The reality is, now that I have three teens and a tween (soon to be three teens and a twenty-something ), I think I have more questions than when I started this parenting journey. Sure, I've learned (and failed) some lessons along the way, but I still feel wholly inadequate in this parenting journey. What I have learned is to hobnob with people a whole lot smarter than myself, and reading blogs seems to be the perfect way to do that.

Yesterday I was catching up on some blogs and found this worth passing along, especially since I have so many wonderful nephews and just found out one of Patrick's nieces is expecting her first baby. I'm thankful for wise, articulate ladies - my virtual friends, if you will. Some of you don't even know who you are, but I thank you for your help.

Okay...did you go read it?  Here is is again...a great tip for raising boys.

So, go ahead.  Even if you aren't a southern girl and would never consider yourself a steel magnolia, let those boys do the heavy, or even light, lifting.  I know one thing, I've probably carried my laundry hamper to the upstairs laundry room for the very last time.  "Kevin, can you came here, please?"


  1. Interesting you post this. Just the other day at one of Haley's softball games, Nolan and Cullen insisited on carrying the chairs to the field....and the cooler, too. I didn't decline the offer and now I know, in the future, to automatically just hand them all the chairs, totes and coolers to lug around at her tournament games for me(<:

  2. Love it Aunt Natalie! I'll take any advice you might have :) I think you are a terrific example of a mom who's living for the Lord. I want to be like that. My heart is filled to the brim when I see the way my cousins follow after Him...Praying for His grace and wisdom to do the same with my own!...and if it's a boy, He can carry my stuff any day :)

  3. Lisa, I thought of you and all the paraphernalia you must have to haul to all those games when I was typing this post. Love it that the boys were being chivalrous without your prompting. Someone must be training them well. :-)

    Katie, we are soooo very excited about Baby Bailey. You and Dan will be terrific parents. That's one blessed baby!

  4. Loved this, especially because I am raising two boys in a southern culture which is very different than what I grew up knowing. It's a constant pecking in my brain to remember that I need to let the men be men - and working with nearly all men and no women on top of that becomes a daily reminder to their "uniqueness". Thanks for introducing this blog to me. Her #2 tip too is a good one. I don't succumb much to humiliation or embarrasement pressures, have always been too strong headed on that front so hopefully I will have a leg up on that one to use the moments as teaching tools for their hearts vs. discipline out of my reaction.