Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quote of the Week and more

So, if I'm going to begin the new Quote of the Week feature, I'm going to have to give my Pooh brain some assistance. I remember hearing something that I thought would fit the bill for this week's quote, but when I went to retrieve it from the remote recesses of my brain, I couldn't recall what it was. From now on, I'll type it up immediately or jot some notes on a piece of paper. Not to disappoint my one reader who gave the nod to this feature, I have a quote for this week...but it's not original to us (thank heavens).

Despite never being short of political and sociological opinions, I don't often delve into them on this blog. And I won't start today...I think this quote speaks for itself. It needs no commentary.

On our way into Wal-mart we spied a table of Girl Scout cookies being manned by Girl Scouts (duh - who else?). We resisted the temptation to overpay for an item we didn't need and walked right on by. Of course, leaving the store, we had to pass those Thin Mints and Tagalongs once again. It was then that Hannah overheard it...this week's Quote of the Week: Grown woman asking Girl Scout, "Do you accept food stamps?" I'm now going to sit on my fingers and avoid the diatribe just itching to be typed.

Now for the "more" part promised in the title. Most of you have heard that Kevin is heading to Haiti in a couple of weeks. A friend, who also happens to be one of the girls' dance teachers, is down there already working at an orphanage. You can peek into life in Gonaives, Haiti at her blog here.

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  1. LOL...Unbelievable! It reminds me of something absurd I heard this week...supporting your missionaries via credit card?!...I needn't go on my own diatribe!
    P.S. Thanks for making me feel like my voice matters.
    ~ the "one reader who gave the nod to this feature" :)