Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quote of the Week...late

With Kevin and Patrick both gone last week, you'd have thought I would have had time to give you my quote of the week. Not so! But, in an effort to relieve your anticipation (I'm somewhat delusional, aren't I?), here it is...better late than never.

As a mom to four busy kids and a husband whose schedule borders on insane, I live a pretty sedate life. For the most part I do the same things over and over without much fanfare. When Patrick sees great fruit in his ministry, I feel rewarded that somehow I might have contributed to his work. When Alyssa receives a glowing job review, I smile, happy that the whole world can appreciate the beautiful young woman she is growing into. When I see pictures of Kevin feeding tiny Haitian babies, it's almost as good as being there myself. When Hannah wins a ribbon at her first horse show or Victoria dances as Clara in the Nutcracker, it's better than if I had done those things myself.

I don't always relish the shadows. Occasionally I wonder who I am, who I'm becoming and will I even recognize myself once the kids leave the house? I sometimes (not often mind you) long for a little excitement of my own; something out of the ordinary to break up the monotony of my days. Well last Friday, I got just that...and my quote of the week to boot.

About 3pm the phone rang. The phone is rarely for me these days (unless it's my husband or kids) so it was no surprise when it was for Patrick. The caller proceeded to inform me that the burglar alarm at Carenet was going off and that the police were on their way. I thought great...just what I need in the middle of Friday afternoon. My mind quickly scanned the options available to me, but I knew I was it...I needed to meet the officers there. After getting my niece and nephew situated, apprising my kids of the situation, I headed out the door.

I arrived to two police cars in the parking lot but no officers to be found. A crowd mingled next door near the pawn shop (which the police frequent), so I surmised they were taking care of a bit of business there and would emerge momentarily. Hearing the alarm blaring and not seeing any officers, I proceeded to open the back door and enter the code to shut off the alarm. About the time I turned away from the wall I heard my quote of the week being shouted, "POLICE" as they burst into the back room with guns drawn. Thankfully by this time the alarm had quieted, and they realized I was the good guy...whew...and just in time, too. They informed me that someone had left the front door unlocked and that they had not finished clearing the building. With my heart beating out of my chest, I suggested I just wait outside while they finished their duties.

I still haven't found out who it was who left the door open, but I do know this: Excitement is a bit over-rated. Three cheers for monotony!


  1. What a great story, Natalie! And "reinventing" ones self post-homeschooling is a challenge. But God will not be done with you then!

  2. Are you kidding me???!!! Did you wet your pants??? Oh my word! Excitement, that would be enough for me!