Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Other Side of the Story

This is the companion view to Hannah's story found here.

Early this morning, Hannah and I arrived at the barn to find Wendy (owner/instructor) leading Bj, the horse Hannah usually rides, into one of the stalls that backs up to the covered arena. Odd...but I saw the vet there and so hoped it was a routine visit by him. That was not to be the case. After Wendy told us Bj had a bad case of colic, and she was getting ready to transport him to the horse hospital in Gainsville, FL, I knew the situation was serious. Hannah proceeded to help out with some morning chores and Wendy got the truck and hitched up the horse trailer. At some point she had told Hannah she could ride Buff, and so Hannah headed out into the gelding pasture to get him. Not really knowing HOW serious this might be, I asked another lady who was tending a wound on her horse if Hannah should say goodbye to her dear riding partner, just in case he didn't make it. She nodded. But Hannah was WAY out in the pasture and Wendy had already loaded the horse and was ready to drive away. But then she rolled down her window and said the words I was hoping not to hear, "Hannah may want to come and give this horse a kiss. He may not be coming home." Knowing Wendy was anxious to go, I tried waving and motioning to Hannah to come in...and she was, but not very quickly. So what's a mom to do? I couldn't let her miss her only chance to say her final farewells? Well, what option did I have? I ran across the gelding pasture...IN MY FLIP FLOPS to lead Buff so Hannah could run in and say her goodbyes. I was holding it together pretty well until I walked up to the gate and saw tears in Hannah's eyes. Then I broke down. I'm still not sure just what I was crying about...the horse, Wendy, Hannah's breaking heart. All of the above, I suppose.

I've been toying with the idea of getting some boots for my hours at the barn...and after dodging piles in my flip flops, boots may have just moved up my priority list.

The good news is the vet was optimistic that Bj would recover and after 48 hours on fluids would be released. Wendy generously offered to take Hannah with her on Friday, so the horse lover will be able to see the inside of a horse hospital. So, stay tuned for more horse lessons from Hannah.

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