Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The New Normal or Same Old Chaos?

School has officially been in session for a month, but we are still looking to find our groove. I'm hoping this isn't how the whole year is going to feel, and we can settle into a routine soon.

Alyssa continues to work at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and has added a bit of nanny-ing to her schedule. For the first time in twelve years I am not her primary teacher, as those duties have been relegated to the local college and an online instructor.

Kevin continues to work at Grandy's and volunteer at Braveheart. Combined with his church activities and social schedule; working, volunteering and school keep him fairly occupied.

Hannah continues to love her horseback riding. We're going to attempt to get her to the barn more often this year, so she's thrilled. She's decided to try her hand at Western riding, so we'll shove all the English paraphernalia to the back of the closet and make way for the cowboy hat and spurs. Stay tuned for updates as her first show is a week from Saturday.

Victoria just keeps dancing which means I keep on costuming. Nutcracker is in full swing, so I forbid her from auditioning for a lead part in the Christmas play at church. I confess, I am a mean mom!

And last, but certainly not least, is little Caitlyn. She is a joy from the time she arrives until she is picked up. A few "Hannah-like" behaviors have begun to emerge, so she might end up being more of a challenge than first suspected. But hey, I've got some practice under my belt, so I'm not intimidated.

All in all, we're surviving the new school year, and with Patrick's "banquet season" (3 fundraising banquets in 3 weeks) fast upon us, chaos my not give way to normal until...the holidays. Yeah, right.


  1. Oh, Natalie, I cannot imagine the chaos at your house!! Mine seems crazy enough with just the three of us. You know that if I can do anything to help with costuming ... call me.

  2. Right, Teri Lynne, I always look so together. lol And...you know I WILL call you about costuming. You are a dear...and in my spare time, I'd love to take a sweet pastor's wife our for coffee, since she's really just a gal like me.