Monday, April 19, 2010

"Spring" is Bustin' Out All Over

I seems there's a song from a musical for every occasion. With a little modification to "June is Bustin' Out All Over" from Carousel , we have the perfect description of south Georgia.

The purple verbena are covering the ground.

I don't even know what this little guy is...anyone?

My knockout roses make me look like a master gardener while, in reality, they seem to thrive on neglect. They are already covered with blooms.

The bottlebrush plant will soon be loaded with hundreds of huge red blooms.

These coreopsis are in full bloom, and I'm looking forward to fresh cut flowers again.'s been a long winter for us southerners

I started to take this picture to complain about the long cold snap claiming the life of my hibiscus. Much to my delight, I discovered this:

I guess I'll cut it back and see what happens.

Coming Soon: Tiger lilies and hydrangeas.

The weather today was perfect for being in the garden, so I decided this was the day to plant. I donned my rain boots (in an effort to avoid coating my shoes with "barn fertilizer") and was still wearing cropped yoga pants and a tee shirt from my early morning pilates workout. Believe me, I was making quite a fashion statement. No problem though...I'm far back in my own yard, right? Yeah, until the pest control guy wanders over from the neighbor's house to tell me he'll be right over to check our termite stations. Busted! Completely busted! Really, there's no redeeming yourself dressed like that.

Despite a few moments of embarrassment over my awful attire, I did get everything planted. I'm even giving an heirloom tomato a try.

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