Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's a Wrap

Last weekend was CRAZY, but I think I've recovered enough to give a quick summary. Hannah's nearing the end of show season, and it appears she has enough points to qualify for the state show in Perry, GA Labor Day weekend. Apparently my summer will be filled with daily trips to the barn so Hannah can keep the horse in tip-top shape. While it's not Hannah's horse, she is the only one riding, grooming and taking care of her this summer.
After Hannah finished showing, I popped into Panera Bread for some lunch with Patrick's family before heading home to pick up Victoria at her friend's birthday party. I arrived home in time to see a very handsomely dressed young man preparing for prom.
After we snapped a few pictures at the group meeting place, they headed to dinner on Jekyll Island, and we crossed town to pick up Hannah from the barn. We missed the Kentucky Derby (much to Hannah's dismay), but she did catch the replay of the race - over and over.

I spent the rest of the evening acting like Santa Clause, making lists and checking them twice. Victoria had a pageant (on Sunday...grrr...) that require SIX changes of clothing. The pageant, her first ever with an interview, talent and modeling categories was a bigger undertaking than I had ever imagined. I did manage to remember everything - except a fully charged FLIP, so I have no video. Waaa... The good news is, she won her division and will be able to participate in the state pageant in July. Thankfully, I don't think there's a lot of changes to be made to her "pageant game plan", so it aught not be too traumatic to prepare for.

Getting ready to tap to Judy Garland's, "Get Happy" from the musical Summer Stock.
She won best talent, despite slipping and sliding like she was tapping on ice. She fell during the opening sequence, but hopped up, kept smiling and found her place with the music. All three judges commented how how well she maintained her composure despite the less than ideal tapping surface.

Casual Wear - I love this outfit that Mary (the lady who talked me into letting my girls try pageants - and trains them how to be proper ladies) found at a little shop on St. Simons.

The famous green dress! Victoria LOVES this dress...second only to the blue dress she has (sadly) outgrown. Amazingly, we found this dress used at a local formal wear store, Essentials. I had been trying to work up the courage to ebay her old blue dress, but much to my delight, Essentials liked it and bought it from me for nearly as much as they sold me the green one. Yeah...I get the old dress out of the house, they gain a dress in a size they are low on, Victoria has a new dress she adores...for less money that it takes to feed the family a meal at Chick-fil-a. was quite a weekend. Mother's Day has been pretty chill - Patrick's family for lunch and then a little reading in the hammock. Lovely!

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