Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We adore having Caitlyn, Patrick's niece, with us during the school year. We think she's amazingly smart and articulate for a little girl who just celebrated her second birthday, and we all secretly think that we have somehow had a hand in her soaring intelligence. Well, okay, her dad being a math genius and her mom being amazing may have a little something to do with it, too. I sometimes wonder though if we are having too much effect on are we teaching her things that she ought not know. After all she hangs out with teens and a pre-teen more than the average child.

But now I know for sure. We, especially Kevin, have had a profound influence on her. Living in Brave country, she is systematically being brainwashed into being a Cardinals fan. Kevin has diligently been teaching her names of the players, namely Albert Pujols and Adam Wainwright. Kevin's room sports a Pujols Fathead and an autographed photo of Wainwright. Caitlyn gives Pujols high fives and points at Adam.

Sunday night Patrick's family was all eating dinner at a restaurant with televisions tuned to the Cardinal's game. Hannah was holding Caitlyn when #5 came up to bat. Hannah pointed at the tv and asked Caitlyn, "Hey, Caitlyn, who's that on tv?"
"Albert" came the immediate reply.

Kevin will be so proud when he returns from the Amazon and hears the story.

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