Wednesday, April 1, 2009

To be, or not to be...the Quote of the Week

The kids are dutifully learning their lines for a small production of Hamlet that they and some friends are hoping to perform soon. And when I say small, I really do mean small: as in The 15 Minute Hamlet. Alyssa has two rather short lines as Ophelia before her death, Hannah is two different characters with rather short, easy lines, but Kevin, well, he has a bit more work cut out for him. As Claudius, Hamlet's murderous uncle, and Polonius, he has longer passages to commit to memory. We try to review the play each morning after our devotions to keep memorized lines fresh and work on unfinished ones. After Kevin's trip to Haiti, he was a tad rusty. One morning we were moving along quite nicely until we came to Kevin's line as Polonius, when he says to himself "He's going to his mother's closet. Behind the arras I'll convey myself to hear the process." Without missing a beat, Kevin quipped, "He's going to his mother's room. I'll hide behind the curtain and listen in." As we all started to crack up, Victoria said, "Hey, that's not right. You just said it in English." I'm not sure in what language Victoria thinks Shakespeare wrote, but I'm fairly certain he turned over in his grave, shocked to learn he didn't write in English.


  1. LOL! What a great moment, Natalie! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ah the innocence of that child...let it last forever.