Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bringing You Up to Date

I can't seem to find the time to be creative or witty; both of those require too much effort on my part, so this post is just a plain vanilla attempt to let you know what everyone is up to these days. Grab a cup of your beverage of choice and see what occupies our time these days.

Alyssa is still working at the store at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. They seem to be working her more hours during the summer, for which she is thankful. She begins some type of volunteer work at the hospital this week and needs to get her application in to the local college so she can dual enroll in a couple of classes this fall. Dance recital is this week...and we will ALL be glad when that is over.

Kevin entered the working world last week. He is carrying on the family name at Grandy's and seems to be a quick study, though eating there since he was born has probably helped him know the drill. He also joined Braveheart (the abstinence education program at Carenet). We haven't pushed the kids to be involved...don't want any accusations of nepotism, you know, but he's a natural at talking to kids and, well, doing what his dad does. He is also preparing for an upcoming trip to Honduras...those of you with check books will probably hear more details of that soon. :-0 And isn't Caitlyn adorable, sporting Kevin's Grandy's hat?

Hannah is still in love with horses and would live at the barn if Ms. Wendy would let her. She has day camp this week and is probably too excited to sleep at night. She has been surprised at how much joy her blogging efforts have given her. Giving her a platform and a voice makes me nervous, but it's great to see her personality shine through her writing.

Victoria is Victoria. She continues to love the stage and so is looking forward to the dance recital. She won her division in the South Georgia Scholarship Pageant on Saturday. She placed first last year too, but had no competition. She was relieved to hear she would actually have girls to compete against this year. How a child of mine can be comfortable with all eyes on her is beyond me. Definitely her father's child. Check out the hair bow...and no, I did not do that myself.

Patrick is busy as ever. Other than family travels and the trip to Honduras, it looks like he'll be home most of the summer. The fall is shaping up to be quite busy, but that's the norm. He received an unexpected phone call last invite to join a group traveling to Israel. Now that's a fun blip on the radar screen.

Me? I'm having a blast seeing these kids grow up. I can't tell you how relieved I am that everyone's horror stories of teenagers have, so far, not come to pass. I am blessed beyond measure. Keeping Matthew and Caitlyn has also been a blessing. I can't imagine our days without seems odd when Caitlyn's not here on a weekday. The garden started off well, but is looking a little weedy as of late. My family will soon be tired of eggplant and the neighbors will be reaping my harvest during our vacation. My recent diversion has been facebook and reconnecting with old friends. It looks like a couple of reunions are in the works and I am practically giddy with excitement.
The fruit of my labor

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