Sunday, December 5, 2010

The girls and I FINALLY saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. For years we've talked about catching the show in Nashville over Thanksgiving weekend, but we never want to miss any of the precious little time we have with the grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins all together. We took along Victoria's friend Dana. What a privilege to take her at her first big show. At intermission the house lights came up and the voice boomed "We will now take a 15 minute intermission before the remainder of the show." Dana's face lit up as she incredulously said, "It's not over? There's another half?" That was a priceless Christmas gift.

Pre-show they look excited?

Something must be very interesting in that book about the Rockettes. Aunt Cynthia is always game for a show, and this time we dragged her and Patrick's parents along, too. the roasted pecans and cashews weren't as good as the Nuts for Nuts vendor's wares in NYC, but they were close.

We've discovered the lower balcony is the only way to go for short people who can barely see over the heads in the row in front of them.

And the next show on the "must see" list is.....

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