Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December Wrap-up Part 1

It seems I always do this. Fail to make time to blog and then blast my readers (my precious few) with whirlwind trip through December. Sorry, so sorry. Here it is again.

Once the Saturday trip to Jax to see the Rockettes passed, everything seemed to move at warp speed. Amazingly, I kept my paws out of Nutcracker costuming, and it turns out to be God's grace and mercy that I wasn't involved. The Sunday before Nutcracker our dear former pastor, mentor and friend, Don Johnson, went home to be with the Lord. While not unexpected, it still seemed sudden and shocking. We grieved but also celebrated a life well lived. I think I would have completely melted down had people actually been depending on me to fulfill costuming responsibilities.

Nutcracker weekend was also Children's Play weekend. Yep, our little actress and dancer had four performances in three days. She amazes me - the ease with which she handles the pressure of performances.

In the church play, "It's a Wonder-Full Life", Victoria played Miss Tune, a character roughly based on Miss Darbus in High School Musical (thus, the salt and pepper wig to give her some age).

Victoria hams it up as Miss Tune.

Choir member in the second part of the play.

Yes...Victoria is IN that box.

Harlequin Doll


And as if THAT wasn't enough for one weekend, Monday rolled around and was the famous Staff Luncheon at Stately Eades Manor. The menu came almost straight out of the 2005 Christmas with Southern Living book. I'd been longing to try the coffee crusted individual beef wellington (for 5 years you ask...yes, I'm a little gun shy about something that sounds so sophisticated) and finally worked up the courage. They were incredible, if I do say so myself; but then when isn't filet mignon wonderful? If you come to my house for dinner any time soon, that is probably what I'll serve you.

Ready and waiting for them to arrive.

Chocolate Creme Brulee for dessert!

My very silly wait staff. Next year I should require them to be more properly attired.

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  1. You ALL amaze me! Most especially you, Natalie, my dear friend the poster girl for Southern Hospitality! Warm thoughts to all of you as the holiday season continues.