Friday, December 31, 2010

December Wrap-up Part 3

Wow, am I finished yet?

Christmas Eve (or Christmas Eades as Reagan Spence called it) rolled around and found Patrick too sick to participate in the festivities. The kids went on to the Christmas Eve service at Redeemer Presbyterian while Patrick and I stayed home. We did meet up with the kids at our church for communion before they headed to our friends, the Wilkersons, for an oyster roast.

Alyssa: talking with her oyster knife. Should she be allowed to wave a sharp object like that?

Popping in an oyster. No one loves them more than Alyssa.

Not sure why there is no picture of Victoria...but she really was there too.

Christmas day rolled around and once Kevin finally dragged himself out of bed, we opened presents, ate breakfast and then prepared lunch for Patrick's family. Everyone chipped in and we had a small feast.
,Passing out the presents - someone's gotta do it.

Car speakers...just what he wanted. A fun project for he and Patrick later.

Her children are so going to make fun of these boots some day.

That's really all she wanted for Christmas...a picture of Zenyatta.

Victoria looking surprised

My Christmas morning piece de resistance:Gingerbread cookies from Cathy Dart

The kids had been groaning about me giving away several dozen of her cookies so they were very surprised to find a plate full on Christmas morning.

On the 26th we were thrilled to hear from Becky and Patrick, so they stopped in for a short visit on their way to Jacksonville from Beaufort.

,Patrick and Becky with Grandma and Grandpa

The whole crew minus Patrick and Mark.

It has been a wonderful Christmas season filled with special memories. I continue to be so thankful for all our family, far and near. I am blessed beyond measure.

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  1. Fabulous Pictures -- the whole recap of your Christmas! Such smiles, such a beautiful Christmas table (love the flower arrangement), the boots are just so cute, and your earlier post about the horse braid story just set me into giggles!

    Happy New Year!