Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Make sure....

you put that back when you're finished." I simply love the kids growing up. Don't get me wrong; I get teary just thinking about kids being out of the house permanently, but it's just so rewarding when glimpses of mature, responsible adults pop out of teenage bodies. The opening quote was Kevin joking with me, reminding ME to recoil the hose after I finished my latest landscape project. In an effort to refresh my memory, he reminded me that HE had put up the hose without being asked several times already in the week, after washing and waxing my car as well has his dad's. What a great kid!

Spring break has come to an end and it's back to school tomorrow. We all had goals to complete over the break, but I fear we were only somewhat successful. I did manage to get some yard work done, Easter planned and executed and a couple of movies watched during our down time. The to-do list never seems to end, but I think we made a dent in it and had some fun to boot.

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  1. I love the girls' beautiful dresses! It makes me wish for a warm Georgia Easter! I wore a dress, but I was freezing!