Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

Oh, what a beautiful mornin',
Oh, what a beautiful day.

I got a beautiful feelin'
Ev'rything's goin' my way.

from Rogers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma

Not even gloomy newspaper headlines and doomsday predictions can keep spring at bay. Doesn't the change of seasons do wonders to
chase away the winter doldrums? The weather is delightful, flowers are bursting into bloom and the world just seems a friendlier place. Come August or September, could someone please remind of these days - refresh my memory so I recall why I love living here?

I suspect you've been plenty busy...so take a moment and smell (er, uh look at) the flowers.

This is the third year these little guys have come back.
I love annuals that get confused and act like perennials.

A bottlebrush bloom about to explode!

The birds LOVE this bush. The hummingbirds will visit it all summer.

Can you see the indigo bunting hiding in there?
Our bird book says he shouldn't be in backyards, but he's too blue to be anything else.

And here is our pine warbler!

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  1. So jealous! At this new place we barely have any songbirds like the old one! Too open! Beautiful pics!