Friday, May 22, 2009

Flashback Friday

I've recently become a bit nostalgic. A couple of weeks ago, we turned on our main computer to see a message to this effect: A hard drive failure in imminent. The short story is the hard drive failed and despite hours of effort and several hundred dollars, nothing was recoverable. Our entire life on the computer - evaporated. Lesson learned...back up computers, even new ones.

Anyway, I'm quite thankful for the pictures and memories that have been recorded on my blog since mid 2007. In an effort to have all my blog in one place, I've decided to slowly but surely copy my old blog at xanga into Imitating Steventon here at Blogger via Flashback Friday. Each Friday (Lord willing) I'm going to import a post from my old blog to this one here. Here is my first post dated

Tuesday, 17 April 2007


Are you wondering about the name...Imitating Steventon. To be proper, it should be Imitiating Steventon Rectory, but I liked the sound of it w/o the Rectory part. Steventon Rectory was the childhood home of Jane Austen. I love the quote by one of Austen's family members about "the home conversation being rich with shrewd remarks, bright with playfulness and humor," so I have incorporated it into the name of my blog. I'm sure Steventon Rectory was indeed filled with witty dialogue and mischief. The Austens had 8 children AND took in boarders from Oxford and Cambridge. No doubt there was never a lack of lively conversation. So, while we don't plan to add boarders any time soon, we do aspire to have a home with lively and loving conversations. As the kids and I read in our devotion today, we desire to follow Paul's admonition to "let your conversations be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone." (Col.4:6)

Patrick always refers to our house as Stately Eades Manor...maybe I'll start calling it Steventon Manor. I prefer my home be named after Austen than Batman...don't ya think?

I guess I just lose the comments...maybe someday someone will figure out a way to import xanga into Blogger.

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  1. Indeed I was wondering about the name...thanks for giving me a flashback. :) I greatly appreciate the quotes from Austen and Colossians...I have no doubt in my mind that your home is filled with such conversations, and I am delighted to share in bits of them through Imitating Steventon!