Sunday, May 10, 2009

One Blessed Mom

The Laundry Maven

The past three Saturdays have been consumed with yard work. Patrick and Kevin tackled the installation of border boards to keep the St. Augustine grass from creeping into the rest of the landscape. I have feverishly been weeding, planting, fertilizing and spreading mulch - four pick-up truck loads to be exact. Okay, so to be fair, I haven't exactly done that ALL by myself. Patrick and Kevin did most of the heavy shoveling. :-) So, while I work outside, you might think everything inside the house lies neglected.

Thankfully, I have wonderful daughters to prevent that from happening. While Alyssa seems to have escaped the yard frenzy by miraculously being scheduled to work every Saturday morning and afternoon, the other girls have risen to the occasion. Last Saturday Hannah swept and mopped the entire downstairs. No small feat! The feeling of coming into a clean house after working outside all day was incredible. Thanks Hannah!

Up until yesterday, I'd been a bit of a control freak about me being the only one to do the laundry. While I think all the kids know HOW to use the washer and dryer, I don't generally LET them. I guess I don't want them to ruin any know....have something red accidentally go through with the whites. I'll leave that faux pas to me. But yesterday, it all came to an end. I was woefully behind before Saturday morning rolled around, and I knew we would all suffer if the washer wasn't humming for a major portion of Saturday; so Victoria took on the giant. While Hannah and Kevin worked outside, Victoria set up shop in the laundry room. At one point she could have been found sitting on top of the washer and dryer, folding clothes and watching a movie on Alyssa's laptop. She dutifully kept the washer and drying spinning all day and diligently asked advise about whether this shirt or those pants were permitted in the dryer. Amazingly enough, when I came inside mid-afternoon, the laundry room was void of all dirty clothes AND clean clothes. All articles had been taken to their respective rooms. The mountain of dirty laundry (and even a mound of clean that had been thrown on top of the washer and dryer) had been transformed into neat piles on my bed and in each kid's respective clean laundry container.

I have such amazing children. That is, after all, the best Mother's Day present they could ever give me.


  1. Fantastic-- you deserve it! Way to go Hannah and Victoria-- but careful, now your mom knows what you can do!!

    Happy Mother's Day, Natalie.

  2. You do have the most amazing children! Each of them unique and wonderful. What a great gift on Mother's Day and every day to see them growing into godly, generous, and responsible young people.

  3. Ok, remember that talk about visits to Alabama...I'm thinking I might have to get this place in gear for horses sooner than later LOL! Way to go "little girls" not so little all the time anymore!

    Happy Mom's Day! It sounds like it was wonderful - and that we need to visit to see that landscaping!

  4. Wow! May I please borrow your girls?! :) What a blessing! They had to learn it from are a terrific mom Aunt Natalie!